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Ikaruga Is Making Its Way to PlayStation 4 Soon, According to Treasure


Ikaruga Is Making Its Way to PlayStation 4 Soon, According to Treasure

It looks like Treasure’s critically-acclaimed shoot-em-‘up Ikaruga is making its way to PlayStation 4, according to a Japanese tweet from Treasure. This follows an announcement from publisher Nicalis last month that announced the game would be touching down on Nintendo Switch.

The tweet reads: “Ikaruga is running on PS4! The title screen is (C) Treasure-only. PlayStation 4 users, please wait just a little bit longer after this. Next week will be the official announcement, and it will be released soon.”

Ikaruga’s first iteration released back in Japanese arcades back in 2001, but it made its worldwide debut on GameCube back in 2003, later on jumping to Xbox 360, PC, and Switch. It’s a difficult title that’s also extremely addictive, where your ship, the enemies in each stage, and power-ups are either black or white. You’ll need to “reverse your polarity” to swap between colors at will to stay alive so you can absorb enemy fire rather than be pelted by it.

It’s certainly great news to hear that the game is coming to PlayStation 4, but as this is a Japanese tweet, we’re not able to confirm whether or not this also means it’s coming for PS4 players in the west. We’ll know more once this announcemen referenced in the tweet comes to pass, but for now it’s definitely something to get excited over, especially if you enjoyed the title and its past iterations.

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