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How to Cancel PlayStation Plus


How to Cancel PlayStation Plus

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus

When signing up for a PlayStation Plus subscription on the PlayStation Store using a debit or credit card, it will automatically be set to auto-renew when your subscription has expired. This means that if you buy a month of PlayStation Plus, once a month has passed, your card will automatically be charged for another month. The same is true when buying a three or twelve month subscription. While there is no option to opt out of this when purchasing the subscription, it is possible to cancel the auto-renewal any time after your purchase. It is vital that you turn auto-renew off to avoid unwanted charges.

You can cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription straight from your PS4 console, or you can do it via the PlayStation website.

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus on a PS4

Turning off auto-renew from a PS4 system is fairly straightforward. After turning on your PS4, press up, scroll right, and select Settings. From here, select Account Management > Account Information > PlayStation Subscriptions > PlayStation Plus. This page will detail all of the information pertaining to your PlayStation Plus subscription, including how long the subscription is for, the date that it started, and the date that it will be renewed. You should see the Turn Off Auto-Renew option at the bottom. After selecting this option, it will ask you if you are ready to turn off auto-renewal. Select yes, input a reason from the drop-down menu, and then finally, select Turn Off Auto-Renew. Congratulations, you’ve now canceled your PlayStation Plus subscription, and will not be automatically charged once it expires.

When auto-renewal is disabled, your console will notify you of when your subscription is about to expire. If you do want to switch auto-renew back on, simply follow the above steps again, but instead of selecting Turn Off Auto-Renew, you’ll be choosing Turn On Auto-Renew.

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation Website

You can also cancel your subscription from Sony’s website using an internet browser. Firstly, log in to your PSN account on the PlayStation website. Go to the Media tab and then click Games. You’ll now need to find “PlayStation Plus” in the list. The list is sorted by purchase date, starting with your most recent purchases, so you may have to do a little digging to find it. Once you’ve found your membership, click it and select Cancel Automatic Renewal. Afterward, this option will change to Restart Automatic Renewal, and can be selected any time before your current subscription expires.

Be aware that every time you sign up for a PlayStation Plus subscription using a debit or credit card, auto-renew will be automatically turned on again. Therefore, be sure to turn it off every time you sign up to avoid unwanted charges.

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