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How to Hard Reset an Xbox One


How to Hard Reset an Xbox One

How to Hard Reset an Xbox One

Every now and again, an issue can crop up with a game or your Xbox One system, meaning you can’t access your games properly, and updates don’t function as they were supposed to. At those times, one of your only options is to perform a Hard Reset on your Xbox One console. Don’t worry, it’s not as severe as the name suggests and you won’t lose any of your data, but it’ll get your system back to its fully functional state. Here’s how you hard reset an Xbox One.

With it on, hold the power button on the front of the console down for ten seconds. It should then turn off. Then, when you turn it back on, the green Xbox screen should show, and everything will boot up as usual. All your data will be preserved, but your system’s cache should be cleared and a couple of settings will be reversed. You should no longer have any issues with logging into your account or starting up games now that the hard reset is complete.

That’s all you need to know about how to hard reset an Xbox One. For more tips and tricks about all things gaming, be sure to search for Twinfinite.


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