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Splatoon 2 Hackers Are Ruining It for Everyone


Splatoon 2 Hackers Are Ruining It for Everyone

Hackers have been ruining online play in Splatoon 2 for a while, but this time they are dragging players into maps that shouldn’t be available yet.

It seems as though hackers are forcing players into unreleased content in Splatoon 2. The video in the tweet below shows the players in a Turf War match in an unreleased map called New Albacore Hotel. It didn’t matter that the innocent players didn’t have access, they were dragged into it anyway due to the rogue players who are peeking behind the curtain.

There are other Splatoon hacks being used which are more inline with what you would expect, things like rapid ink fire and unlimited ammo are both part of the problem, but while these impact the gameplay itself, it is rare to find one that so clearly violates which parts of the game should be available at any time.

The only thing that can really be done in these situations is to ban the Splatoon 2 players that are initiating the hacks, so reporting the issues is an important part of keeping a healthy online community. You can report it to Nintendo via their website. Hopefully Nintendo can find a way of protecting their games better, or at least the ones like Splatoon 2 which are online, as it can really ruin the experience for other users.


This post was originally written by Jason Coles.

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