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Groove Coaster Brings Rhythm Action Gaming to Steam in July


Groove Coaster Brings Rhythm Action Gaming to Steam in July

The ridiculously addictive arcade music title Groove Coaster is making the jump from arcades and mobile devices to PC users via Steam. It’s about time, as we’ve been waiting for a proper console or PC version for some time, and if we can’t get a Switch edition, this certainly seems like a good alternative.

The game will feature 36 different music tracks, with more to release for the game over the coming months as optional DLC. You can use a Steam Controller, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 controllers in addition to the keyboard if you’d like, and there’s additional support for other inputs coming in the future as well. There’s a single-handed “Casual” mode in addition to the two-handed “Arcade” mode to play in, with aspect ratios ranging from 16:9 to 4:3 to 1:1, depending on how you want to play.

Here are the current tracks confirmed for the game:

  • ADRENA / C-Show
  • Analysis Division / Masayoshi Minoshima
  • Black MInD / COSIO (ZUNTATA)
  • Bright Lights / aran
  • DX Choseinou Full Metal Shojo / IOSYS TRAX (uno with.Chiyoko)
  • Five to Seven / Sampling Masters AYA
  • Future Coaster / Sakuzyo
  • Got more raves? / E.G.G.
  • Groove Revolver / Xeami
  • Horizons / M-Project
  • Lethal Dose / sky_delta
  • LINK LINK FEVER!!! / LINKA (CV: Moe Toyota)
  • MAD FREAKS / DJ Myosuke
  • Music Plot Type Three / COSIO (ZUNTATA)
  • No Way Out / ARM (IOSYS)
  • OMAKENO Stroke / t+pazolite
  • Period of Revolution / COSIO (ZUNTATA)
  • Play merrily NEO / Shohei Tsuchiya (ZUNTATA) feat. Aimee B
  • Scarlet Lance / MASAKI (ZUNTATA)
  • Seizya no Kodo / Xeami
  • Shiva / Massive New Krew
  • Sign of “10.5km” / Yasuhisa Watanabe
  • Smash a mirror / Shohei Tsuchiya (ZUNTATA) feat. SATOMI
  • Solar Storm / xi
  • Stardust Vox / DJ Laugh a.k.a. uno (IOSYS)
  • Thrash Beat / COSIO (ZUNTATA)
  • tiny tales continue / Chroma
  • TRIPLE3T / SATO(SANODG & KATO [noisycroak])
  • Under The Moon / void (Mournfinale)
  • VEGAS / SATO(SANODG & KATO [noisycroak])
  • Wacky dance ethnic / Sampling Masters MEGA
  • Warrior / Cranky

Let us know if you’ll be picking up the PC version of Groove Coaster, which has deserved a version beyond arcade and mobile iterations for quite some time now. Check out the announcement trailer below!

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