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Grab a Discounted Xbox One X During E3 Week With Xbox Game Pass for $1


Grab a Discounted Xbox One X During E3 Week With Xbox Game Pass for $1

Looking for a good reason to pick up an Xbox One X, finally? You might have just gotten your first, best reason, with the system’s first official price cut, happening during E3 2018. From June 10 through June 23, Microsoft is taking $50 off all Xbox One models, including the Xbox One X, both online and at retailers to $449. It’s the first time you’ve been able to get money off the system, so this is an important time to finalize the purchase if you’re interested in grabbing a new console.

Likewise, the Xbox One S will be dropped in price beginning on June 7, with the 500GB Xbox One S going for $199 and the 1TB version for $249. Just in case you see some exclusives you need to play during the show, you know.

There’s also a sale going on with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold once more, where Microsoft is offering one month of either service for just $1 to the first month, so you can pay only chump change to test them out. In addition to these discounts, price cuts on games like Monster Hunter World, Sea of Thieves, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are on their way as well. You can even nab a standard controller for $10 off the usual price.

The sales will be up via the Xbox Store, so make sure you peruse there first before making a purchasing decision. You may see a few other things you need to throw in your cart.

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