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More Gameplay Footage Released for the Resident Evil 2 Remake

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More Gameplay Footage Released for the Resident Evil 2 Remake

More gameplay footage from the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 was released today. With more than five minutes of footage released, we get a peak at what some of the cutscenes look like as well as what it will be like to play the game itself.

With the footage beginning at the main hall of the Raccoon City Police Station, series veterans will recognize the location from the original game. Though the graphics this time around are phenomenal, the layout and artwork of the area are very reminiscent of the original.

The gameplay continues as Leon, the protagonist, sneaks under a door with a keep out sign into a dark room smeared with blood.

Equipped with just a flashlight and handgun, the suspense comes to a head as an officer calls out for help from the other side of a door. Leon nearly manages to save the officer, but the zombies on the other side get to him first.

More zombies, including those in police uniforms, are encountered during the rest of the footage, with Leon nearly finding the same fate as the officer he came close to saving. Luckily he’s saved by a different officer, and the screen fades to black.

While the gameplay looks great, don’t hold your breath to play it as Resident Evil 2 isn’t set to release until Jan. 25, just over 21 years after the release of the original.

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