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Fortnite Rocket Countdown: What it’s Counting Down to & When it’ll End


Fortnite Rocket Countdown: What it’s Counting Down to & When it’ll End

What the Fortnite Rocket Countdown Is Counting Down to and When it’ll End

During Season 3 of Fortnite, a comet could be spotted in the sky, and eventually it crashed into the old Dusty Depot, transforming it and seeing debris from the crash litter the map (not to mention other areas being destroyed by smaller comets). For Fortnite’s Season 4, leading into Season 5, it looks like the focal point is now around a rocket launch which can be found in the villain’s lair on the west side of the map. Currently, there’s a rocket countdown which is due to end pretty soon, and this has people wondering exactly what it’s counting down to, and when it’ll end.

The rocket countdown is a bit of a mysterious one in Fortnite. Obviously, it’s counting down to the rocket being used in one form or another. There are two likely as to what the rocket countdown is actually counting down to. First is that this will be another event similar to the comet, where we’ll see the rocket fly overhead somewhere on the map, destroying somewhere else and bringing a new locale for Season 5 of Fortnite.

Alternatively and, in my opinion, the more exciting possibility, is that the rocket countdown is counting down the the time where players will be able to launch the rocket from the villain’s base themselves. It’s worth noting, however, that there is a superhero-esque mansion on the other side of the map just south of Lonely Lodge, so there’s always a chance that the rocket countdown is tick-tocking us closer to a limited-time gameplay feature new to Fortnite.

As for when the rocket countdown is due to end in Fortnite, you may have noticed a couple of different times and dates floating around, so let’s clear that up. At first, there was a time set to finish yesterday, June 19 that appeared on the televisions in just the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Following the release of content update 4.4 yesterday, however, this added in the new rocket countdown that appears to be counting down to sometime on Saturday, June 23. Once we know exactly what’s going on with this rocket countdown, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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