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FIFA 18 World Cup: How to Complete All Nations SBCs


FIFA 18 World Cup: How to Complete All Nations SBCs

How to Complete All Nations SBCs in FIFA 18 World Cup

While excitement levels were high when the World Cup mode initially released for FIFA 18, the levels lowered quickly as many players packed all the best players and completed all the SBCs. With Duplicate Storage piles full of high rated players, fans were asking for more SBCs to be added to the game so that they can get rid of their duplicates. EA Sports has today released four new Nations Squad Building Challenges, and more will be released every 48 hours. Here’s how you complete all of them.

  • Colombia – Reward: James Rodriquez and 5000 coins. Requirements: 11 Colombia players, Min. 80 Rated Squad, 95 Chemistry.
  • Japan – Reward: Shinji Kagawa and 2000 coins. Requirements: 11 Japan players, 74 Rated Squad, 95 Chemistry.
  • Poland – Reward: Robert Lewandowski and 5000 coins. Requirements: 11 Poland players, 80 Rated Squad, 95 Chemistry.
  • Senegal – Reward: Sadio Mane and 2500 coins. Requirements: 11 Senegal players, 76 Rated Squad, 95 Chemistry.

To complete the SBCs, you will need to get 11 players from the nation you’re trying to complete, and they’ll need to be in the correct positions to get the 95 chemistry required. The only way to do that is to open packs. To give yourself a better chance, you could also complete upgrade SBC for the confederation that the nation is a part of. Once you have all the players, submit them in the SBC, and you’ll be rewarded with the player.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete all the Nations SBCs in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team’s World Cup mode. We’ll update this piece as more challenges are released. In the meantime, you can check out our FIFA 18 wiki guide.

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