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Fallout 76: Will it Have Mods? What You Need to Know


Fallout 76: Will it Have Mods? What You Need to Know

Only in moderation.

Will Fallout 76 Have Mods?

Anyone who has been a fan of the Fallout series over the years will attest to how much modding can have a positive effect on your gaming experience. One need only peruse our monthly recommendation for Fallout 4 mods (the latest of which included cybernetic implants and the hideous yet strangely alluring nurses from Silent Hill) for confirmation of this. Of course, with Bethesda revealing Fallout 76 properly last night during its E3 conference, many may be wondering if this will also have mods.

So you may be salivating over the potential to continue the fun and frivolity in the upcoming entry, Fallout 76 – however, it may be best to wipe off your jaw and temper your expectations when it comes to mods for the game, at least for the time being.

At this point, there has been no official confirmation one way or the other over the potential for mods in Fallout 76, but the general expectation is that they will unfortunately not be possible. The predominant reason for this is due to the genre shift from previous titles, now as an online survival RPG. In games like Minecraft, where you host your own independent worlds, this is not an issue, but as Fallout 76 follows the more MMORPG template, game-altering mods are not only a contentious concept, but a fairly undesirable one, when all is said and done.

Balance is important for a game like this, so mods may be a pipe dream that is just too convoluted to ever see the light of day. As always, we’ll keep our ears to the ground to see if Bethesda have any further information to dissuade us, so stick with Twinfinite for your intel!

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