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Here’s Everything We Know Microsoft Will Show at E3 2018


Here’s Everything We Know Microsoft Will Show at E3 2018

Forza Horizon (4?)

Microsoft and Xbox One at E3 2018

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Not much has been confirmed to be appearing at Microsoft’s 2018 E3 press conference, outside of Forza Horizon 4, and even that reveal slipped out accidentally. The head of Xbox in Spain and Portugal told Spanish website Gamereactor that the game would be revealed at E3 this year.

Although Microsoft would later label his comments as speculation, according to Destructoid, likely in an effort to try and put the toothpaste back in the tube, given past history we’ve observed with the Forza franchise, we feel pretty safe in assuming that some kind of Forza Horizon title will be revealed at E3 this year.

Forza Horizon 3 was released in 2016, and assuming the pattern of alternating Horizon and Motorsport continues, that would line up the next Horizon game to release this November, with an E3 reveal for next week making logical sense for that timeline. Forza Horizon games are the more experimental and arcade-like games in the Forza series. It features concepts such as open world racing and exploration, unlike the closed track, hyper-realism of the Motorsport games.

Everything Else – Rumors and Speculation

Microsoft and Xbox One at E3 2018

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Outside of a potential Forza Horizon 4, there’s nothing else major that has been confirmed to appear at the show. Microsoft appears to be holding their cards very close to the chest this year. That said, there’s always room for a little bit of healthy speculation.

If you like reading into things, a “new battle royale experiencewas mentioned in a recent Xbox Wire post, but that could also just be something related to watching currently existing battle royale games on Mixer. It’s pretty safe to say that Crackdown 3 will get some time up on the stage, unless Microsoft wants to disappoint everyone. The new series of Tomb Raider games have historically had a partnership with Microsoft. The last two games were timed exclusives, Shadow of the Tomb Raider won’t be, but there still might be something else exclusive to Xbox One shown.

We’re probably due for some Gears of War and Halo news, too. Microsoft has touted that this year will be their biggest ever. So one would assume that their two biggest exclusive IPs would show up if that was going to be the case. Perhaps Fable will be revived as well.

Phil Spencer also opened the door for Japanese developed games early this year, which has many speculating that we might see some either timed, or fully exclusive games from Japan at the show this year.

Also, if Microsoft really wanted to blow our minds, let’s not forget those reports early this year that they were interested in making a major purchase to bolster their ranks of exclusive games.

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