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Every New Game Announced at Sony’s E3 2018


Every New Game Announced at Sony’s E3 2018

Sony’s E3 conference was a very different sort of beast this year. It dropped the mad trailer bomb format of previous years in favor of a more measured approach that took a deeper dive into previously announced projects. It was something that they’d given us fair warning about, too, tempering expectations over new game announcements during the build-up to the big day. But we shouldn’t have believed them, because though there wasn’t anything new from Sony’s first-party studios, we still caught a glimpse of some exciting new upcoming projects. In fact, one of them arguably stole the show.

Here we’re reviewing all of those new game announcements from Sony’s entire E3 presence:

Tetris Effect

There’s a new Tetris game in the works, and it’s a VR project from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator behind Rez. As you’d expect, the upcoming title is a blend of music, sight, and sound that he’s famous for. Tetris Effect was announced in the days prior to E3 via the PlayStation live stream.

Twin Mirror

Dontnod Entertainment isn’t a huge studio, but boy have they been busy. Twin Mirror is the latest of the studio’s upcoming titles, sitting alongside the next installment Life is Strange, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and immidiately following Vampyr. Its a story-driven adventure game in the same mold as Dontnod’s successful Life is Strange series, though we’re no more clued up on the direction of its story than what saw in its cryptic reveal trailer. We were getting some serious Silent Hill meets Heavy Rain vibes with this one.


The creators of Dark Souls are expanding their horizons with a new project in an entirely different genre. One of the more unexpected announcements from Sony’s post E3 conference show was their new title, Deracine, a VR experience in which you play the role of a spirit summoned by a young girl. From what we understand, gameplay will revolve around forming a bond with the girl through “clever interactions”.


The makers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break are back with a brand new title that looks, well… like Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Control is a third-person shooter with supernatural time-bending mechanics, though the tone looks much eerier than the developer Remedy’s previous games. The title is expected to launch sometime in 2019, but no specific date was announced.

Nioh 2

Nioh was one of the biggest success stories of Sony’s 2017, and absolutely no time was wasted in giving a sequel the green light. The announcement of a sequel title at this year’s conference was certainly one of the biggest surprises. We’ll forgive the lack of gameplay given that it’s been barely 12 months since we played through one of PS4’s most brutally punishing exclusives.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Oh, hell yes! Capcom has been remastering and remaking Resident Evil games for some time, but if there was one title from the series that fans desperately wanted above all else it was Resident Evil 2. It’s now finally been unveiled after a long, long wait – and in some style, too. A full remake, the reimagined Resident Evil 2 returns with the over-the-shoulder camera design from later games as well as a full graphical lift. Better yet, it’s coming the PS4 very soon. Resident Evil 2 Remake launches Jan 25, 2019.

That’s a wrap for all the new games announced at Sony’s E3 2018. We were stoked to see

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