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Epic Wants Fortnite’s End Game Strategies to Extend Beyond “Just build lol”

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Epic Wants Fortnite’s End Game Strategies to Extend Beyond “Just build lol”

I’m fairly new to the battle royale scene, but Fortnite is the one that’s managed to capture my attention and really hold it thus far. While I haven’t been able to claim a victory for myself just yet, it’s not hard to see that winning a game usually comes down to who is a better builder when there are just four or five players left. Epic Games recognizes this as well, and while building is a very core part of the game and it’s what makes it stand out from other battle royale titles, they want there to be a mix of strategies that can earn you a victory in the end game.

In a blog post, Epic stated that it was important to support a variety of play styles, and they are planning to make some changes in the game to facilitate that. However, we don’t know exactly what these changes will be just yet.

‘It’s important to support a variety of late game strategies, that don’t boil down to “just build lol”. We strongly believe that the evolution of Fortnite supports a wide range of play styles and counterplay. Currently, the superiority of shotguns, rockets, and uncapped building are such a dominant play style in the final circle that most other strategies are being drowned out.

You should be able to find Victory Royales through multiple strategies. Shotguns should be strong, but other weapons have room to grow. Not every encounter should have to end in a build-off. We want to empower you to showcase your skill, strategy, and tactics in all variety of ways.

We’ll be exploring these changes over the next few weeks – we’re excited to hear your thoughts and encourage you to participate in discussions on our various social channels.’

Fortnite is now available on consoles, mobile, and PC, and was most recently released for the Switch as well.


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