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The Newest Elite Dangerous Update Is Now Live on PC and Consoles


The Newest Elite Dangerous Update Is Now Live on PC and Consoles

Elite Dangerous received a new update and not only is it free, it’s live on PC and consoles now.

This update, titled Beyond: Chapter Two, features new ships, weapons and missions for players to complete in the expansive system of Elite Dangerous’ space. The update isn’t necessarily the most substantiative–it is free after all–but it should be enough to tide fans over until the next big update, Frontier Developments, makes its way to the game sometime later this year.

With this update, Elite Dangerous released a flashy, new trailer.

If you’re curious for a more in-depth description of the update, you can visit the changelog posted earlier this week or check out the additions below.

Missions and Scenarios

  • Added new wing mining missions
  • Added new high threat USS’s and missions that can direct players to them

Megaship and Installation Interactions

  • Added existing megaship interactions to installations
  • Added Escape Hatch interaction points to damaged megaships

Crime and Punishment

  • Players can now hand themselves in to security contacts, if they have no outstanding bounties and a zero notoriety rating. Players that hand themselves in will pay off the bounty and be deported to the nearest detention center
  • Relaxed the friendly fire thresholds against NPC ships, to lower the amount of erroneous crimes being handed out
  • Notoriety now decays whilst the player is docked
  • Players current notoriety level displayed in cockpit will no longer be potentially out of date
  • Relaxed the rules for Multicrew gunners so that they are less prone to accidental assault/reckless weapon discharge crimes

Horizons-only Contend


  • New weapons now available at applicable Tech Brokers:
    • Large Plasma Shock Cannon (Fixed, Gimbal, Turret)
    • Large Guardian Shard Cannon (Fixed, Turret)
    • Large Guardian Plasma Launcher (Fixed, Turret)


  • The Guardian FSD booster is once again available at the Guardian Tech Broker, now with improved fuel efficiency


  • Alliance Challenger–a medium-sized ship, based on the Alliance Chieftain, that boasts a generous compliment of hard-points, whilst retaining the Chieftains characteristic agility. It also has stronger armor.
  • Krait Mk.II–a medium-sized, multi-role ship that trades defensive capability for speed, fire-power and maneuverability. The Krait Mk.II has space for two crew members and is capable of carrying a fighter bay


  • New planetary sites added, with audio logs

For a list of fixes and improvements, head to the official changelog.


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