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Dying Light: How to Beat the Demolisher


Dying Light: How to Beat the Demolisher

How to Beat the Demolisher in Dying Light

After a certain point in Dying Light’s story, you’re going to be shoved into a pit with the Demolisher. This hulking behemoth of a zombie is slow, but crazy aggressive. It will pummel you into a pulp if you’re not careful. Here’s how to easily beat it within the game.

First and foremost, let’s go over what attacks he does. If you get close, he’ll try to pick you up and throw you. Obviously, that’s bad. If you’re far, he’ll throw projectiles. Also bad. But it’s far easier to dodge these.

Now, knowing that, obviously the best bet is to use some of the higher ground you’ll find around the arena pit that you’re in. Climb on the trailers, use any projectile weapons you might have, and pick off the armor one by one. That’s right, he has armor. Don’t worry, though, he’ll lose it as he takes damage.

So, yeah, get on the higher ground and focus on throwing knives, using anything that freezes or causes him to be unable to move for a bit (as he’s weak to this), and also use guns like the sniper rifle if you have it. It’s also a smart idea to use some of the gas canisters laying around nearby to throw them at him and cause it to blow up. Explosions are always good when dealing with the boss zombies within the game, and he’ll be weak to that.

Whatever you do, just avoid going melee with him. It leaves you too vulnerable. Oh, and as always, if you bring along a friend when fighting them, you’ll have a far easier time.

That’s all there is to beating the Demolisher in Dying Light! For more help, leave us a question down in the comments below. If you wanna find the answer for yourself, our search bar is great for that!

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