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Dying Light: All Cease and Desist Spray Paint Locations


Dying Light: All Cease and Desist Spray Paint Locations

Painter man, painter man!

All Cease and Desist Spray Paint Locations in Dying Light

The Cease and Desist side quest sees you going back and forth right through hordes of the infected, and though it is all fairly straightforward, at about the halfway point, you are instructed to find three cans of spray paint. As they are small and difficult to spot, this can be the most confounding part of the mission, particularly if you have no idea where you are looking.

From where you spoke with Erol, follow his advice and use your grappling hook to quickly navigate to the construction site in the northwest. Get onto the roof first – it is a safe zone, and will make your hunt a lot easier. Outside of the shopkeeper’s room, you will find your first can of paint. It is next to the wall, and surrounded by large buckets of spilt paint. Afterwards, navigate down the metallic scaffolding nearby. The second and third cans of paint can be found there; one is right near the foot of the ladder going down the building, and the other is near the bottom of the scaffolding. Again, look for the large white buckets around it if you are having trouble locating them.

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