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Dragon Ball Legends: How to Set Up a Transfer


Dragon Ball Legends: How to Set Up a Transfer

How to Set Up a Transfer in Dragon Ball Legends

Just got yourself a sweet new phone, but worried that you’ll lose all of your hard-earned progress in Dragon Ball Legends in a manner similar to how Krillin loses his life every eight or nine episodes? Never fear – you can store your data via a third party, ready to be picked up on your new device.

To do so, simply press the menu button on the bottom right screen, then navigate to the ‘other’ tab, and select ‘data transfer settings’. From here, you will be able to choose whether you want to link your data to Facebook, Twitter, or the Game Center.

Once connected, you will be able to repeat the process on your new device. Simply log in with the same account details, and get back to nailing fools with Masenkos (because Kamehamehas are for noobs).

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