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Dragon Ball Legends: How to Do Rising KO


Dragon Ball Legends: How to Do Rising KO

How to Do Rising KO in Dragon Ball Legends

To fulfill some of the missions in-game in Dragon Ball Legends, you will have to pull off a Rising KO. Which all sounds well and good, but it never actually tells you what a Rising KO is, to be precise. Back in our day, a Rising KO meant nailing some suckers with a Shoryuken, but in Dragon Ball Legends, it actually means that you use the Rising Rush technique in order to finish off your foe.

The Rising Rush technique is unlocked when you have used the seven cards that are marked with a Dragon Ball, effectively ‘collecting’ them, in keeping with the theme. Once you have done this, a button will appear on the right hand side of the screen for the Rising Rush.

Keep in mind, that for it to actually count as a Rising KO, you will have to deplete the last of an enemy character’s life bar, so if they are not close enough to defeat for the technique to seal the deal, save it until you have done a little more damage.

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