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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Get Goku


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Get Goku

Goku story, bro.

How to Get Goku in Dragon Ball Fusions

It is rare for a Dragon Ball product to feature Goku in any capacity other than as the major character, but that is the case with Dragon Ball Fusions, as the legendary Saiyan warrior must be recruited in order to be made playable. To make up for that, there are several variations to choose from. You ask us how to get Goku, we simply ask you which one you were after?

Kid Goku from the original Dragon Ball is part of the main storyline, and will join your party at an early juncture of Dragon Ball Fusions. To add other versions of Goku to your squad, you will have to grow accustomed to Dragon Ball Fusions’ rift system. As you progress through the game, more levels of the map will be revealed (known as floors). Certain floors will house different characters that you can recruit, so if you know which floor your desired fighter resides on, it can cut out a lot of the guesswork – but even then, it’s not a straightforward process.

First, engage in a battle against a random enemy. Once they have been defeated, a blue dot will appear on the map. This is a rift, and you can enter it for a chance to encounter familiar faces. They come in three different rankings (A, S and G). Rather than immediately enter the rift, if you defeat another enemy, a second blue dot will appear. This is how you access higher ranked rifts in Dragon Ball Fusions, with a maximum of three at the one time.

Fly into the center of the rifts and hold X to charge up. Once completed, a G-ranked rift will appear in the middle (assuming you completed three battles, and had three rifts available to merge). Enter the rift by approaching it and pressing A, and if you happen upon a fighter that you can add to your party, proceed with the recruitment process (found in our Dragon Ball Fusions recruitment guide).

Keep in mind, who you encounter is completely random, so it may take several attempts before you get lucky. With all of that out of the way, here are the confirmed locations where Goku can be found:

  • Goku* (Dragon Ball Super) – Floor 3 (S Rank Rift), Floor 4 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSJ Goku* (Dragon Ball Super) – Floor 4 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSJ3 Goku* (Dragon Ball Super) – Floor 7 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSJ4 Goku* – Floor 5 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSG Goku* – Floor 7 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSB Goku* – Floor 1 (G Rank Rift)
  • Goku (Dragon Ball GT) – Floor 6 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSJ Goku (Dragon Ball GT) – Floor 7 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSJ3 Goku (Dragon Ball GT) – Floor 5 (S Rank Rift), Floor 7 (S Rank Rift)
  • Goku* (Dragon Ball Z) – Floor 3 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSJ Goku* (Dragon Ball Z) – Floor 1 (S Rank Rift)
  • SSJ3 Goku* (Dragon Ball Z) – Floor 1 (S Rank Rift)

(Characters denoted with a * will not be available until post-game)

Dragon Ball Fusions got you all befuddled? Check out our full range of guides here on Twinfinite, and stay tuned for more dandy content on all things Dragon Ball.

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