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Disgaea 1 Complete Trailer Shows a Classic Reborn


Disgaea 1 Complete Trailer Shows a Classic Reborn

NIS America, Inc. have some exciting news for Disgaea fans about the remaster of the fifteen year old original game that started it all.

NIS America has released a new trailer for Disgaea 1 Complete, detailing some of the upgrades and enhancements coming with the remaster.

The grumpy son of the Overlord is back for another ridiculous adventure in Disgaea 1 complete. Once again you will take up the mantle of Laharl on a journey to retake the throne for himself after waking up from a two-year nap. Of course, as the journey goes on everything gets increasingly unhinged and what you end up with is a classic strategy game that has more content than you can throw a Prinny at dood.

Given that the original is fifteen years old it is good news that the graphics are getting an overhaul. This will serve to keep them more in line with what current gen Disgaeas look like.

For fans of the series there is a $99.99 limited edition version, called Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition that brings with it a plethora of things including an enamel pin set, a prinny cube plush, a mouse pad, and a certificate of authenticity. Of course there is also the standard edition as well which is $49.99 on both Switch and PS4.

The game is due to hit shelves both digitally and physically on October 9, 2018, just in time for one of the busiest periods in game releases we have had in a long time.


This post was originally written by Jason Coles.

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