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The Crew 2: How to Redeem Pre Order Bonus DLC


The Crew 2: How to Redeem Pre Order Bonus DLC

How to Redeem Pre Order Bonus DLC in The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is basically one big ol’ playground of racing events and skills to complete as you embark on your quest to be the very best racer in all four families. You’ll need to get behind the wheel of planes, speedboats, hovercraft, hypercars, and rally bikes if you’re going to achieve this, and there’s an extensive selection of vehicles to choose from. Of course, you can never have too much choice, and Ivory Tower provided a bit of pre order bonus DLC for The Crew 2 which grants you additional cars or clothing for your character. Here’s what you need to know to redeem pre order bonus DLC in The Crew 2.

First off, if you got a physical copy of The Crew 2, you’ll likely have to enter a code provided to you by the retailer you bought your copy from. Enter this as you would any other code into the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store, and you’ll be able to confirm your pre order bonus DLC. As soon as it’s downloaded, start The Crew 2 and load up your game.

From this point on, the method of redeeming the pre order bonus DLC in The Crew 2 is the same regardless of whether you bought physical or digital. Once you’ve loaded up your game and you’re in the vast world of The Crew 2, you should get a notification on your screen informing you that your pre order bonus DLC content has been unlocked.

Now, go to the Vehicles section of your Options menu and you should see your pre order bonus DLC vehicles. For any clothes you may have got to wear in The Crew 2, you’ll need to head to your house in the south of Miami and interact with the suit and helmet on display.

If you’re wondering where some of the pre order cars are that you should have, some of these are locked behind certain fame levels. Once you reach the Icon fame level in The Crew 2, every time you earn followers and level up, you’ll go up an Icon level. For example, after leveling up the first time, you go to Icon 2, and after that Icon 3 etc. Some of the pre order bonus DLC can’t be unlocked until you reach high Icon fame levels in the game, so just keep this in mind.

That’s all you need to know to redeem your pre order goodies in The Crew 2. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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