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The Crew 2: Is There Character Customization? What You Need to Know


The Crew 2: Is There Character Customization? What You Need to Know

Is There Character Customization in The Crew 2?

The Crew 2 allows you to tinker with your vehicles and your home base to make them look and feel exactly how you’d like for them to, but how about the person behind the wheel of the whole thing? Do you get to make them eight feet tall, with neon green skin and a nose the size of San Antonio? I only ask, because this is exactly what I look like and I prefer to remain accurate when possible. In the strictest sense, the answer is no – you do not get to customize the appearance of your character.

When you first begin The Crew 2, you will have to choose your rising star. These preset character appearances will have different genders, builds and skin tones, and each comes with a quote attached to give you an indication of their demeanor. Once you have chosen your desired appearance for your character, you will be unable to change it midway – so choose wisely. Opting for the ‘red zone’ guy may seem good for a laugh at first, but there’s something untrustworthy in his eyes.

You can swap your character’s outfit later on in The Crew 2 to have at least a little freedom in their style (check out our guide on how to change clothes in The Crew 2), and of course vehicles are upgradable, which is the most important part of all (our guide on vehicle upgrades in The Crew 2 can be found here), so not all is lost.

When you’re cruising down the mean streets of Detroit, you will want a handy guide by your side (and to keep the doors locked), so make sure to scope out our mondo wiki for The Crew 2. It has everything you need from the basics, all the way up to the more advanced tips and tricks. Please don’t judge me for calling it mondo. I needed an adjective and I panicked.

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