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CoD Black Ops 3: How to Get Weapon Bribes


CoD Black Ops 3: How to Get Weapon Bribes

How to Get Weapon Bribes in CoD Black Ops 3

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 developed by Treyarch was released back in 2015 to critical acclaim and fan praise. The Black Ops series is regarded as one of the best in the franchise’s history sitting up there with the Modern Warfare trilogy. Black ops 3 introduced a large number of changes into the multiplayer with specialist abilities, wall-running and thruster packs. With the addition of new maps Black Ops 3 also introduced new weapons into the fight giving players the chance to obtain them via the in-game loot crate system. There is no guarantee on obtaining a weapon from these crates, but Treyarch included an item called a “weapons bribe” which guarantees a a random weapon in the next crate they open.

To obtain one of these bribes you either needed to have purchased the season pass, which gave you a free weapons bribe and a free pack of 10 loot crates, or you must complete the contract for completing 75 multiplayer matches. This contract, however, can only be completed once and then never again.

Call of Duty Black ops 3 is currently free for PlayStation Plus members until July 11th.

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