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How to Clean an Xbox One Controller


How to Clean an Xbox One Controller

How to Clean an Xbox One Controller

Keeping your Xbox One controller clean is important. You may be more focused on your next win, or beating the game you’re playing, but you need to keep controller maintenance in mind. Keeping it clean will ensure that it continues to work properly, it still recognises voice commands, and friends or family aren’t put off when they come round to play co-op. Here’s how you clean an Xbox One controller.

Firstly, you shouldn’t need to open the controller. The dirt and dust will likely be in all the little crevices around the panels of the controller, or on the balls of the thumbsticks. The best thing to do is simply find something that can clean in the gaps. Things like edges of cards, toothpicks, or pins will clean the dirty areas well, while a damp cloth will work wonders on the outside of the controller and the thumbsticks. Make sure you’re not overly rigorous and the cloth isn’t too wet however, to ensure that you don’t damage any part of the Xbox One controller.

Doing these things should have your Xbox One controller clean in no time. For more on all things Xbox One, be sure to search for Twinfinite.


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