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Chrono Trigger Gets Another Update on Steam, Includes an Improved UI

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Gets Another Update on Steam, Includes an Improved UI

When Chrono Trigger was announced for, and simultaneously released on, Valve’s Steam platform earlier this year, many people were initially excited, then let down.

But developer Square Enix promised to fix the issues people had with the release. Earlier this year the company fixed a few issues players had, including the addition of an option to use the original game’s graphics instead of the updated ones the PC port came with. Now, more issues are being fixed as Square Enix further updates their user interface for better use with a keyboard and mouse or a controller. The areas of improvement for the UI include moving around the world map, dungeons, and towns, as well as shop screens, dialogue options, and mini-games.

Improvements have also been made to the battle system and gameplay speed. The difficulty of mini-games has been toned down during story events, as well. Check out the full list of improvements here.

Another update is scheduled to release later this month, bringing more changes to the UI and the ability to rebind buttons.

The problems with this version of Chrono Trigger arose when it was found out that it was a direct port of the iOS and Android version. This included the UI, which translates pretty horribly to the PC platform, and updated graphics that were not originally optional.

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