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Cat-Centric RPG Cat Quest Getting Physical Switch Release

cat quest

Cat-Centric RPG Cat Quest Getting Physical Switch Release

Cats rule in the real-time hack ‘n’ slash RPG Cat Quest, and it looks like the game is getting a physical Nintendo Switch release to help spread their whisker-clad gospel. The isometric open-world title finds you traveling to the world of Felingard. You’re on a mission to defeat the cat lord Drakoth, who destroyed your sweet boat, and then stole your sister away from you.

The “pawerful” and “meowsterious” Drakoth’s terrible deeds cause you to realize your destiny as Dragonblood, or one of the long lost race of cats who slay dragons. Yeah, you’re pretty awesome, as it turns out. You’ll enlist the help of the guardian spirit Spirry as you work on challenging though monsters, leveling up your character, and grabbing tons of loot.

The RPG was already available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android as well as PlayStation and Switch as a digital version, but a PlayStation 4 physical version was already out in the wild. Now the Switch edition is coming on Sep. 11, and you can make it yours then. It looks very cute, so you should absolutely keep an eye out for it! It certainly seems like the “pawfect” move to bring it out for Switch fans as a physical release.

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