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Captain Spirit: How to Get the Garage Key


Captain Spirit: How to Get the Garage Key

How to Get the Garage Key in Captain Spirit

If you want to complete all the superhero tasks in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, you’ll need to access the garage outside Chris’ house. However, first, you’ll need to obtain the garage key before you can actually get inside. Thankfully, this item is pretty easy to find in Captain Spirit… if you know where to look.

Inside the house, go to the kitchen area and check the wall right next to the door that’s been blocked by snow. This area is right next to the laundry room, and you should be able to spot it pretty easily. Look up at the wall, and you’ll see the garage key hanging there. Just interact with it, and Chris will grab the key and put it in his inventory. Now, you can leave the house and find the garage, which is directly opposite the house.

The garage contains an item that’s required for completing one of the superhero tasks, and it’s also packed with a few extra notes and drawings that you can examine to get a better idea of Chris’ life when his mother was still alive.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information and tips on The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

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