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Captain Spirit: Ending Summary (Spoilers)


Captain Spirit: Ending Summary (Spoilers)

Captain Spirit Ending Summary

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit acts as a lead into Life Is Strange 2 due to release later this year. While it’s only a single episode long, we were told that it may contain some clues regarding the story of the upcoming series. As such, some of you may be wondering what happens during the ending of the game, or maybe you want a recap to make sure you didn’t miss any important details. Well, we’re here to help you out, and we’ve put together a comprehensive ending summary for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit below.

Spoiler Warning: This post has spoilers for the end of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. If you want to enjoy the game spoiler-free, turn back now.


Towards the end of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Chris will have to wake Charles up to trigger the ending cutscene. Once he wakes up, we see that Charles is drunk, and he stumbles around before falling to the ground. He ends up getting angry at Chris and asks why he woke him up in the first place, and Chris reminds him that they were supposed to go buy a pine tree together.

Before Charles can say anything else, we hear a knock at the door, and Chris goes to answer it. Mrs Reynolds shows up at the door, saying that she heard loud noises from the house and asks if everything is fine. There are a few dialogue options to choose from here, and depending on how you answer, Mrs Reynolds will either leave you alone, or say that she and her husband are going to come back to have a word with Charles.

Regardless of the outcome, Charles will get mad at Chris anyway, and he accidentally blurts out that his wife would still be alive if it wasn’t for Chris. Upset at his words, Chris runs out of the house as Charles immediately regrets what he said. Chris runs to his treehouse, but as he climbs the ladder up, a rung breaks and he tumbles towards the ground. Thankfully, right before he hits the ground, he begins to levitate. Chris manages to land safely, and when he stands up, he notices his neighbor’s kids standing in their backyard. They share a smile and a wave before the credits for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit roll.

From this, it’s obvious that someone used their superpowers to save Chris. It’s very likely that it was one of the neighbors (the Reynolds’ son, probably) who saved Chris from the fall, and he could very well end up being our main character in Life Is Strange 2.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Captain Spirit.

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