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Bus Simulator 18: How to Unlock Main Station


Bus Simulator 18: How to Unlock Main Station

How to Unlock Main Station in Bus Simulator 18

Unlocking bus stops in Bus Simulator 18 is pretty simple for the most part. All you need to do is complete a list of objectives, and a new area will open up on the map, gifting you a bunch of new bus stops. However, Main Station is unlocked in a different way. Eventually, you will undertake the objective “unlock main station.” After this, although Main Station will appear on your route planner map, you will not be able to use that bus stop until you’ve unlocked it.

The requirement for unlocking Main Station is to own five buses. They don’t necessarily have to be five different buses, so long as you have any five buses in your garage, that will suffice. Your starting bus, the Mercedes Citaro K, does count, so you only have to purchase an additional four buses. The easiest way to do this is to buy four more Mercedes Citaro K buses. They will set you back €120,000 a pop. That’s €480,000 in total.

If you don’t quite have the funds just yet, make sure that you’re assigning any drivers and buses that you have to your routes. Apart from that, just keep driving routes yourself, and try your hardest to earn a high result. The higher your best result on a particular route, the more revenue your drivers will earn from that route. It shouldn’t take you too many trips to acquire the necessary funds.

That’s all there is to know about how to unlock Main Station in Bus Simulator 18. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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