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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Feature Jade, Pey’J, and Whatever Creations the Community Makes


Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Feature Jade, Pey’J, and Whatever Creations the Community Makes

Some games surpass their developers’ wildest imaginations. Beyond Good and Evil, despite not selling too well, has garnered a sizable and devoted cult following that rivals that of many other fanbases. For over a decade, gamers have clamored for a sequel, and for a time, it seemed as likely as Half-Life 3. But now that unlikely pipe dream will come to pass and Beyond Good and Evil 2 is on the road to release.

Ubisoft presented the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 with all the fanfare it deserves. Not only is the original game’s main character Pey’j returning for a second go, this time as a ship’s chef, but so is Jade. However, this time they will be enemies. Yes, Jade has turned against her adoptive pig father and transformed into a ruthless space pirate. Why? Ubisoft ain’t telling.

Even though Ubisoft didn’t provide a gameplay trailer, it promises a game full of expansive cities and alien landscapes. The company gives its word players will be able to explore an open universe full of action, danger, and dark secrets. And you just know some of those secrets will tie back to Jade and Pey’j.

But Jade, Pey’j, and the Beyond Good and Evil 2 mascot duo (i.e. the monkey and his girlfriend) won’t be the only stars. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will also feature whatever creations you can come up with. Yes, you, as in the person reading this article. Ubisoft is proud to reveal a collaboration with the online creative platform HitRECord. If you can imagine it, you can submit it. Music, stories, voice acting clips; anything and everything is encouraged. And, if your creation is included in Beyond Good and Evil 2, you will get paid. It’s quite the community opportunity.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 does not have any scheduled release window or announced platforms, but we will keep our ears to the ground for any and all news on this anticipated game.

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