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Top 10 Best Console Exclusives From E3, Ranked


Top 10 Best Console Exclusives From E3, Ranked

10. Super Mario Party

Mario knows how to throw a good party (as long as it’s not Mario Party 9, 10 or Advance) when it comes to Nintendo exclusives, and he’ll get a chance to show off his hosting skills once again when he brings the fun to the Nintendo Switch. After becoming overly convoluted in recent entries, Super Mario Party looks to be a return to the formula that worked best, putting players on a board and letting them move about freely before engaging in a minigame or two.

The trailer crammed in a nice amount of minigames to show off the versatility of the Joy-Cons, but the highlight saw multiple Switches used in conjunction to create an abstractly-shaped map for tanks to navigate around. In years past, receiving word of yet another Mario Party at E3 would evoke groans, but this time, we would like to see more, please.

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