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Beat Saber: How to Get More Songs


Beat Saber: How to Get More Songs

How to Get More Songs in Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game that’s all about hitting the notes with a lightsaber. Like most rhythm games, you’ll be jamming out to some pretty sick beats while you play. There’s a limited selection of tracks to choose from in Beat Saber, so one question fans might have is how to get more songs.

There are only 10 songs in the game right now, and you can’t unlock any new tracks or beats. That being said, the developer has taken to the Steam forums and claimed that they plan to add more content. “There will be possibly DLCs with other artists after that,” he mentioned. Moreover, the developers even plan on adding custom songs to the roadmap in the near future, but they’re also working on the level editor before anything else. That means you’ll get the chance to play your own music in Beat Saber!

If you can’t wait that long, you can always turn to mods and add your tracks manually instead. The game’s modding Discord has been hard at work creating a program that allows fans to add custom songs.

For more tips and tricks on Beat Saber, make sure to search for Twinfinite!

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