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Astroneer: How to Use the Research Station


Astroneer: How to Use the Research Station

How to Use the Research Station in Astroneer

Astroneer is an early access exploration game developed by System Era Softworks. In it, you’ll be visiting various planets in an attempt to not only survive, but to slowly terraform planets into something more suitable for the player. One thing you’ll need to build in order to do this is the Research Station. Here’s how to use it!

What the Research Station does is turn Research Items and Resources into Bytes, which are needed to purchase schematics, which leads to better more advanced tech at your disposal. Super cool and important!

To use the Research Station in Astroneer, first you need to build it. They are crafted at the Large Platform, which requires two Resin and a Fabricator to complete. The Research Station itself needs two compounds to build. Compound is very common and can be found by mining. Make sure it has power by bringing organic to the generator.

Once you have the Research Station built and set up, you need then give it something to research in order to get Bytes. Most of what you find while out on strange planets such as minerals, can be brought back to the Research Station. Essentially you want to look for unknown things. Makes sense.

Physically bring the item you want to research to the station, move your mouse over it and press E to open it up and then place it in the middle of the station’s part of the platform, and then hit go. As long as you have power (like most other things in the game), it will do its thing and you’ll start getting Bytes.

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