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Astroneer: How to Make a Canister


Astroneer: How to Make a Canister

How to Make a Canister in Astroneer

Surviving deserted planets is no easy task in Astroneer, so you’re going to need to craft a whole bunch of essential tools to help you overcome their many perils. The canister is one such useful piece of apparatus, and it’s used to carry liquid resources, and soil for Terraforming purposes. The canister is reusable, so you won’t necessarily have to craft dozens of them, but it can only hold a single resource at a time. You will have seen the option to unlock/make a cannister at the start of the game, no doubt, but it’s not immediately obvious how you acquire one early in the game. Here’s how to make a canister.

You’re likely struggling to make a canister due to a lack of available bytes when you first start the game, but during the early stages of Astroneer, there is actually a mini-tutorial that will provide you with enough. Essentially, you’ll simply need to collect some compound and resin, make a research generator, gather some organic material, and then place that organic on your generator. When you place items on the generator, you’ll have unlocked the ability to access blueprints, one of which is the canister.

To actually research a canister, you’ll need 40 bytes, but lucky for you, completing these opening tutorial steps rewards you with 70. Simply cycle to the Canister and push the green button to activate the research. A canister is actually made from your backpack, but you’ll need resin (1) to do that. You should have from the tutorial, but if for whatever reason you do not, you’ll need to go and harvest it from somewhere on the map. Make sure you have also researched Tether, since you’ll them to travel away from the research generator and locate resin. It’s typically found at the bottom of a pit – there should be a marker over the top that draws your attention to it.

That’s all you’ll need to know about how to make a canister in Astroneer. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to keep searching for Twinfinite.

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