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Astroneer: How to Build Terrain


Astroneer: How to Build Terrain

How to Build Terrain in Astroneer

One of the many things you’ll be doing in Astroneer is terraforming, AKA building terrain. Thanks to the tools and resources at your disposal, you have the ability to shape the land itself. If you’re still a bit confused about the process, here’s how to build terrain, or terraform, in Astroneer.

When it comes to terraforming, you’ll be using your Terrain Tool to modify the land around you. First off, you’ll want to craft a canister and attach it to your tool so you can start collecting soil, which is a necessary resource if you want to flatten or place more land on the ground. If you have enough resources, you can start to build terrain by shifting between your tool’s different modes: Excavate, Elevate, and Flatten.

Excavating in Astroneer is mainly used to dig out the ground to create tunnels or ditches. This is also the best way to gather more soil since all of the excavated ground will be transferred over to your canister as soil. Meanwhile, Elevate expends any stored soil to raise the terrain, creating ramps or walls. Finally, Flatten does what its name implies, smoothing out the ground to cover dangerous holes or creating smooth pathways for your vehicles to safely cross over.

That’s basically how you’ll build terrain in the game. For more tips and tricks on Astroneer, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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