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ARK: How to Get Fiber (Survival Evolved)


ARK: How to Get Fiber (Survival Evolved)

How to Get Fiber in ARK Survival Evolved

ARK allows players to live out their greatest fantasies of playing during an era where dinosaurs roamed freely. They’ll have to survive, craft, and fight their way to a stable existence among such grand beasts. A good way to make sure you stay alive is to craft up a lot of stuff. One very important ingredient in crafting is fiber. Here’s how to get your hands on this!

It’s one of the most basic needs when it comes to crafting, and one of the first resources you’ll come across in the game. In order to harvest it, you simply need to interact with bushes, shrubs, and trees around you. That’s right, you need only use your hands!

Here’s a tip; simply walk around with the camera angled slightly down and mash the interact button (E on keyboard, Triangle on PS4, and Y on Xbox One). Your character should be seen swiping the air, gathering fiber from time to time. This is also how you pick up rocks and possibly berries, among other things. It’s really the fastest way to do this without using a tool. Later on, you could make a scythe and that will make this process even easier for you.

That’s all there is to getting fiber in ARK Survival Evolved! Need any more help? Let us know down below! You might even find the answer for yourself if you use our search bar, too.

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