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Animal Crossing New Leaf: How to Get Bells Fast


Animal Crossing New Leaf: How to Get Bells Fast

How to Get Bells Fast in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Bells are what makes the world in Animal Crossing go round; the currency is used for expanding and upgrading your home, cleaning up your town, buying new furniture, and pretty much anything else. It can take quite awhile to amass a large amount of bells in New Leaf, but we have some surefire ways for you to be successful and your pockets full.

Getting access to The Island, otherwise known as Tortimer Island, which you can get to after paying the entirety of your first home loan and then talking to Tortimer on the beach, is a great way to get tons of bells. You’ll find Kapp’n on the pier, who will then take you to the island via a boat. Once you arrive, talk to Lloid on the left of the building outside, and take out the fishing rod and the bug net. Around 9 PM, there will be rare bugs out and about that will net you tons of money – here’s a list of them and how many bells they retail for:

  • Goliath Beetle – 6,000 bells
  • Horned Elephant – 8,000 bells
  • Horned Atlas – 8,000 bells
  • Cyclomattus Stag – 8,000 bells
  • Horned Hercules – 12,000 bells
  • Golden Stag – 12,000 bells

There are some sharks in the water that you can fish out as well that will net you around 8k to 15k bells. Once you stock up on bugs and sharks, leave the island, gather your items, and head to the shop to sell them all and collect that sweet bounty.

For more help on everything Animal Crossing, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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