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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 5


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 5


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This is the first time flex player SPACE has made our best Overwatch League players list due to his amazing plays as D.Va to help his team become Stage Four champions.

SPACE’s ability to know the perfect time to launch his ult during close-range teamfights in spot on. We can see this in action above and below. Firstly, where we see him apply pressure to the front line on Watchpoint Gibraltar so almost the entire enemy team backs off into an enclosed area so he can launch his mech while they are still recovering from simply changing positions. And secondly, where on the final point of Horizon Lunar Colony he times his ult perfectly with Agilities as Zarya to get a 2.5K to hold the point.

Another perfect use of the Self-Destruct can be seen below during the Saturday match against Dallas Fuel, where SPACE and Fate corner the enemy team into a doorway so even if they were able to scatter back into the adjacent room they would still be hit with the impact.

All throughout this week SPACE’s D.Va ults have been top notch, especially considering Self-Destruct is often used in the Overwatch League to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning and not necessarily get picks.

His performance netted him the title of Player of the Day alongside teammate Fate on Sunday, with Overwatch League commentator Matthew Morello saying, “I think in both matches he was the biggest impact player for the Valiant…for an off-tank player her has such a high kill contribution, a lot of final blows…it has to be SPACE for me.”

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