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Wizard of Legend: What the Best Relic Is


Wizard of Legend: What the Best Relic Is

Wizard of Legend: What the Best Relic Is

Relics are rare magical items that hold various properties that can help assist a wizard on the field of battle in Wizard of Legend. Some can be purchased from merchants, while others have to be found in chests in the Chaos Trials. There are almost two hundred on offer, so narrowing down which one is the best can come down to a matter of preference.

Many of them have negative qualities that can cause disaster if not managed correctly, a risk/reward scenario that make them better suited to more experienced players, or those who are seeking a greater challenge.

In this way, the Double Trouble relic (double damage given and received) is a deadly option, allowing you to dish out huge amounts of damage, with the obvious drawback that you are turned into something of a glass cannon. This relic is particularly useful if you have a high evasion stat that allows you to dodge attacks fairly frequently – it’s no good for enemies to deal twice as much damage if they can’t even touch you.

The Glove of Midas (increase gold gained by 20%) may not benefit you on the battlefield, but the amount of gold it yields allows you to collect more relics at a quicker rate, making it an excellent option if your goal is to make your character as versatile as possible. The C-99 Piggy Bank (gets heavier as you progress. Dropping it will cause it to burst into Chaos Gems, gold and health orbs, the number of which is dependent on how far you carried it) can also prove lucrative, if you can handle it weighing you down.

The Pathfinder’s Map (reveals layout and main points of interest in the Chaos Trials) can be a critical tool, cutting down on the amount of unnecessary combat and wrong turns you take, and though giving up an offensive or defensive power in order to wield it may seem debilitating, taking a more strategic route and clearing floors quickly can pay dividends.

Overall, relics are highly situational, and their value can be dependent on your play style or weaknesses. Finding the one that is best for you may come down to trial and error, but it will definitely help if you take a look at our comprehensive list of relics found in Wizard of Legend.

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