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Wizard of Legend: All Robes List


Wizard of Legend: All Robes List

All Robes in Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend takes us back to the ol’ school days of video games with a challenging, rogue-like adventure in which you’ll take on a gauntlet of magical challenges put forth by the Council of Magic known as the Chaos Trials. You’ll have over 100 unique spells to use on their own or combine together to make for even more formidable attacks. Of course, surviving the challenge of Wizard of Legend isn’t all about your attack, you’re going to need some good robes to give you that extra buff.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of all robes you’ll find in Wizard of Legend, including what benefits they’ll give you, too. Choosing the right robes to match your playstyle can really make the difference in tough battles!

All Robes You Can Get in Wizard of Legend

  • Awe – Increases Critical Chance, and Critical Damage.
  • Grit – Increases Armor, and Defense.
  • Hope – Increases Max Health, Run Speed, Damage, and Critical Chance.
  • Pace – Increases Run Speed, and Evade chance.
  • Patience – Increases Max Health, Run Speed, Armor, and Evade.
  • Pride – Decreases Max Health to 1.
  • Rule – Increases Damage, and Armor.
  • Shift – Increases Evade Chance, and Critical Chance.
  • Tempo – Decreases Cooldowns, Increases Run Speed.
  • Venture – Decreases Max Health, and Cooldowns. Increases Run Speed and Damage.
  • Vigor – Increases Max Health, and Defense.

And that’s all of the robes you’ll find in Wizard of Legend. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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