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Wizard of Legend: All Cursed Items


Wizard of Legend: All Cursed Items

All Cursed Items in Wizard of Legend

As you make your way through the dungeons in Wizard of Legend, you might come across a hooded figure who offers you three different items for free. You can pick up any one of these and use them on your dungeon run, but do be warned that they come at a price. These are called Cursed Items, and here’s a list of all the ones we’ve found in the game so far:

  • Abhorrent Cologne: Enemies have less health, but enemy damage is increased.
  • Alchemist’s Stone: All Chaos Gems gained during the Chaos Trials are transmuted into gold.
  • Anchor of Burden: Damage and stuns are increased but movement speed is reduced for each cursed relic owned.
  • Armor of Greed: Grants a significant boost in armor. Every hit taken reduces gold count.
  • Broken Plague Flask: Enemy max health is lowered, but your health is lowered as well.
  • Crimson Clover: Critical hit chance is increased for you and all enemies.
  • Double Edged Cestus: Increase basic arcana damage. All other damage decreased.
  • Double Toil: Reduces cooldowns by half but receive double damage.
  • Double Trouble: Deal double damage but receive double damage.
  • Flashy Boots: Allows you to triple dash but lowers movement speed.
  • Glass Cannon: Damage increased but max health is reduced.
  • Golden Armor of Envy: Increases armor but store prices are increased.
  • Golden Saber of Envy: Increases damage but store prices are increased.
  • Horned Halo: Revive with low health when defeated but consumes half of current health when picked up. This relic is destroyed on use.
  • Large Red Button: Regain full health every time an exit portal is used. Max health is reduced and health potions have no effect.
  • Nog’s Heavenly Boots: Adds a significant chance to evade attacks but take double damage.
  • Ominous Loan Note: Immediately receive a large sum of gold. All gold gained, with interest, will go toward paying off this debt.
  • Overpriced Insurance: Expend all gold at the start of each stage and heal for a fraction of the expended amount.
  • Paronomasicon: Your attacks on council members are more punishing. Enemy attacks pack an extra punch.
  • Sharpened Stylus: Increases damage but signature can no longer be charged.
  • Silver Spinning Top: Increases the activation speed of arcana but slows movement speed.
  • Spiked Emergency Kit: Regenerate health while at critically low health. Max health is reduced.
  • Stanza of Flames: All fire arcana cause burning but take double damage from water spells. Second half of the Poem of Fiery Rime.
  • Tiny Crocodile Heart: Reduces max health but increases max health for each enemy defeated.
  • Tortoise Shield: Increase armor but decrease damage.
  • Vampire’s Fangs: Defeating enemies regenerates health but max health is reduced.
  • Volatile Gemstone: Signature charge rate and decay are increased dramatically but charged signature damage is reduced. Shell of the Perfect Time Crystal.

That’s all the Cursed Items we’ve found so far in the game. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Wizard of Legend.

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