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Where to Watch What Haunts Us


Where to Watch What Haunts Us

Where to Watch What Haunts Us

What Haunts Us is a chilling documentary on the tragedy of Charleston’s Porter-Gaud high school. 49 boys graduated from the class of 1979, with six of them dying by suicide over the last 35 years. Paige Goldberg Tolmach has decided to delve into the mysterious incidents that occurred at her school, which all lead to a shocking conclusion. If you’re planning on watching the documentary yourself, here’s where to watch What Haunts Us.

The one-hour film is currently in limited release, airing in select theaters nationwide. Luckily, you can also watch at the comfort of your own home through Starz. The film is available now through Starz On Demand. If you’re not subscribed to the service, you can keep an eye out on their schedule as to when they’ll air the documentary.

The film aims to bring awareness to child molestation in schools, educating both parents and students alike. Coach Eddie Fischer from Porter-Gaud high school had been preying on different students during his time as a teacher. While he was eventually exposed, the film also tackles the aftermath of the horrific incidents.

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