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Where to Watch Westworld


Where to Watch Westworld

Where to Watch Westworld

Westworld recently returned to TV screens across the globe continuing the cerebral robot-western story which wowed fans in its first season. Being an HBO-produced show and all, it can get a little tricky for those looking to watch it, given how muddled licensing laws can get when you factor in different territories. Here’s where you can watch Westworld.

First, let’s start off with how to watch the first season of Westworld (note: we will only be providing legitimate, legal ways to watch the show). American fans can only access the show via HBO services. HBO Now, the company’s streaming service has the first season available to watch, and they often run re-runs of episodes on their channels. Amazon Prime users can subscribe to HBO via Amazon Channels, but will have to pay to do so, on top of their usual subscription. Those of you in the UK have a few more options. Westworld is often shown on Sky Atlantic so episodes can sometimes be caught there. You can also stream the first season as part of a NOW TV subscription. PlayStation and Xbox One users can download the series on their respective stores, as can iTunes and Google Play users. Westworld can be rent or bought by Sky and Talk Talk users. You can obviously also grab the DVD.

Now, for those looking to watch the new season live, there are a couple of ways to do so. For American viewers, you’re gonna have to have an HBO subscription. For UK viewers, the new episodes will be aired on Sky Atlantic. You can also use NOW TV to access the new episodes. It’s likely the episodes will be released as a whole series once it is over, so you could always wait and grab it then.

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