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Latest Vampyr Trailer Shows Frontman Reid Embracing His Monstrous Side


Latest Vampyr Trailer Shows Frontman Reid Embracing His Monstrous Side

Focus Home Interactive has released a chilling new trailer for its upcoming action RPG Vampyr, and it’s all about, as its title “Becoming the Monster” implies, transforming into something horrific. Vampyr is going to be an interesting departure from Dontnod’s typical Life is Strange adventures, as aside from a few other titles like Remember Me, this is something of a new area for the developer.

Vampyr follows Dr. Jonathan Reid’s growth into a savage vampire as he lets the vampiric side overcome him. You’ll earn XP from the blood of London’s citizens, but since Reid is supposed to be saving people instead of letting them die or killing them, the choice comes up in terms of who “deserves” to die or who can live on. As a doctor, you can imagine that’s a pretty tough decision to be making. Reid can use the blood he’s drained from others to grow his combat abilities, whether it’s the ranged combat move Bloodspear or the shadowy Abyss attack, to make things a little simpler.

It’s up to you how much of a monster you want to let yourself become, so you’ll have to make the hard decisions when the game launches. Vampyr is targeting a June 5 release date on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and you can go ahead and preorder it right now.

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