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The Forest: How to Get Rope


The Forest: How to Get Rope

Ropable conduct.

How to Get Rope in The Forest

Rope is an incredibly handy resource to have on hand in The Forest, used in the crafting of several items and structures, including the useful and delightfully named Happy Birthday Trap. It is scattered around at various locations, hanging in caves and camps, on the yacht, and on several small boats.

They are either green or white in color, with the green ones typically hanging in a noose-like fashion, while the white ones are more often found coiled on the floor. Scavenging around cannibal dwellings is typically your best bet, with ropes appearing in huts in the Main Village, Center Village, Crocodile Village, Beach Hut Village and Lakeside Village.

Caves can be an excellent way to amass large quantities of rope quickly, as exiting a cave will cause the ropes within to respawn. Cycle in and out enough times, and you’ll have a healthy supply in no time.

Finally, if you have 7 Cloth handy, you can craft your own rope, though there are arguably better uses for your cloth, including lighting it on fire to ward off enemies. Cloth is typically found in the same areas as rope, but also within suitcases and cloth crates.

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