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The Forest: How to Drop Items


The Forest: How to Drop Items

But it’s dirty down on the ground.

How to Drop Items in The Forest

In the multiplayer mode of The Forest, you may come across items of interest on the ground that you would like to share with your comrades. Once an item has been looted however, it is impossible to drop it outright so that another player may pick it up. Though this may seem like a strange feature that limits the cohesion between your team, you are still able to share items – just through a slightly more complicated system.

You are able to pass items from your inventory to a friend by using the multiplayer-exclusive item, the Metal Tin Tray. In your inventory, combine the Metal Tin Tray with up to six items in order to equip it. This can include resources such as snacks, crafting materials and meds. Once you are holding the Metal Tin Tray, the other player can take the items from you by pressing the E key.

If you simply wish to remove an item from your hand, pressing G will ‘drop’ the item, however it will be returned to your inventory, and not placed onto the ground, unless it is a large item such as a log. This can come in handy when you need to be unencumbered – as you may expect, walking around with logs can prove very limiting and energy-consuming.

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