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The Forest: How to Get Arrows


The Forest: How to Get Arrows

Little arrows.

How to Get Arrows in The Forest

Once you have made yourself a bow, having a healthy supply of arrows will be of utmost importance as you galavant about in The Forest. There’s nothing worse than the harmless twang of a bowstring without any ammunition to load into it. Prevent yourself a lot of disappointment (and potential death) by ensuring that this doesn’t happen to you!

Arrows come in a variety of different types: normal, modern, bone, poison and fire. You can collect used arrows after they have been fired, however poison and fire arrows retrieved from enemy bodies will revert back to normal arrows.

You can craft five normal arrows by combining one stick with five feathers. Alternatively, changing this recipe slightly (one stick with five feathers and five bones) will create five bone arrows. Bone arrows do 40% more damage than the standard variation. Either can be turned into five fire arrows (five arrows, one cloth and one booze) or five poison arrows (five arrows combined with either four twin berries, four snow berries, one amanita mushroom or one jack mushroom) for more damage, however bone arrows adjusted in this way will strangely revert back into normal arrows after use, and do not deal increased damage.

The final variation of arrows, modern arrows, are specialized ammunition made for hunting, and must be found: they cannot be crafted. You will be able to locate them in either caves or yellow crates dotting the map.

For more tips and tricks on The Forest, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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