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The Council: Episode Two Returns for Complex Adventure Gaming This Month

The Council

The Council: Episode Two Returns for Complex Adventure Gaming This Month

If you enjoyed Focus Home Interactive’s unique take on the adventure gaming genre, The Council, you’ll be excited to know that the second episode is arriving this month. The narrative, which follows a secret and shadowy organization in the late 1700s with members like George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte, is one of the better options currently out there for choosing your own adventure and making your own way. The first episode debuted on March 13, and now we’ll see the second on May 15.

The Council relies on an interesting mix of RPG elements and typical adventure game mechanics to weave a compelling tale, and one that you need to pay absolute attention to if you want out on top. There are a variety of different skills and abilities you can pick up along the way as well, all of which will require that you work on as you meet new people. Conversations are the key to expanding your horizons, and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the multiple skill trees if you want to succeed. Plus, you can do it all as perfectly as pie and still come away with an ending you didn’t want.

Episode Two should find the world opening up and expanding ever further as you get to the bottom of where Louis de Rochefort’s mother has disappeared to — is she dead? Kidnapped? What’s going on with her exactly? It’s all part of the plan as you make your way through The Council. Haven’t played the first episode? Luckily, you’ve got plenty of time to do so before the second arrives.

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