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Where to Watch The 100


Where to Watch The 100

Where to Watch The 100

The 100 is the compelling post-apocalyptic science fiction drama that takes place on a grim version of Earth following a catastrophic nuclear disaster. It originally aired on The CW, but if you’re looking to play catch-up, you’ll have to seek out the backlog of episodes through other means.

The 100 is available to watch on Netflix, however, the streaming service is a few seasons behind (up to season 3, as of writing), so a binge session can leave you running out of episodes prematurely.

If you are trying to find the best way to marathon the series and stay as up to date as possible, you can buy episodes on iTunes or Amazon Prime, either individually, or as an entire season. Amazon Prime also allows you to rent past seasons, which can be a good way of saving money. For the present season, you can purchase a TV Season Pass on Amazon Prime, which gives you all of the currently released episodes, and adds additional ones to your library as they are released.

New episodes can also be watched as they premiere through online services such as FuboTV, DirecTV Now, FandangoNOW or Google Play. Payment plans vary depending on which package you choose – make sure that The CW is included in the package you’ve selected before purchasing!

That’s all you need to know to watch The 100. For more guides and information, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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