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How to Sync an Xbox One Controller


How to Sync an Xbox One Controller

Take control on Xbox One.

How to Sync an Xbox One Controller

In today’s modern landscape of wireless gaming, it can be daunting for newcomers to figure out how to connect their controllers to the console. Fortunately, syncing the Xbox One controller to the Xbox One is a simple, painless process once you know where all of the necessary buttons are, and what they do.

To begin, turn on your Xbox One console. Turn on your controller by pressing and holding the button at the top that looks like the Xbox logo, and it will begin to flash. If it does not light up after pressing and holding the button, ensure that it is equipped with AA batteries and that those batteries are not drained. A handy bit of advice to know: batteries are slowly drained over time while inside of electronic equipment, even if that equipment is off the entire time. If you want to maintain battery life, always remove them from equipment during extended periods of inactivity.

Next, you will have to send a signal from the console to the controller. Do this by pressing the connect button on your Xbox One. If you are using an Xbox One X or Xbox One S, the connect button will be on the front of the console, near the right side and under the power button. For the original Xbox One model, the connect button is on the side, around the corner from the disc tray.

After pressing the connect button, it will seek a signal for 20 seconds. Press and hold the connect button on the controller (it is a small button on top of the controller), and the button with the Xbox logo will begin to flash rapidly as it searches for a signal. Once the console and controller have paired, the Xbox logo button will remain lit. Your controller will now remain synced with your console.

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